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RE: [IP] Lead time with Velosulin

> I try to bolus 1.0 unit about 1/2 hour before I plan to eat.  I always use
> least this much insulin for a meal.  Then when I sit down and load my
> and count the carbs, I bolus the balance required.  This has been working
> me.  At least there is some insulin starting to work when the food hits
but I
> am not committed to eating a certain number of carbs until it is actually
> to eat.

Yes, this is pretty much the same strategy I used when I was pumping
regular.  I took 1 or 2 units before sitting down to eat, so that I had at
least SOME coverage.

> The downside, it doesn't work for any spur-of-the-moment snack attacks!

Agreed.  THIS was my primary motivator for trying to pump Humalog, actually.

I've recently given up on trying to pump straight humalog -- I was having
too many problems with sites and/or cartridges going "bad" (ie unexplained
creeping bgs, etc.)  I'm now trying a roughly 5-1 mix of humalog to regular,
with MUCH better results.  Today's day 6 on the cartridge, day 3 on this
set, no problems apparent.  Thanks to the list members who originally
pointed this idea out to me, it would never have occurred to me (and I'm
still a bit mystified as to why it works, but it sure seems to...)

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