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[IP] Lead time with Velosulin

For those using straight Velosulin,

One of the main reasons I tried Humalog was that I am VERY bad about not
bolusing until after I sit down to start eating.  Sometimes, I forget and
bolus after several bites.  I am considering going back to Humalog again
because of this bad habit.  However, in the meantime, I am trying to retrain
myself to do this:

I try to bolus 1.0 unit about 1/2 hour before I plan to eat.  I always use at
least this much insulin for a meal.  Then when I sit down and load my plate
and count the carbs, I bolus the balance required.  This has been working for
me.  At least there is some insulin starting to work when the food hits but I
am not committed to eating a certain number of carbs until it is actually time
to eat.  

The downside, it doesn't work for any spur-of-the-moment snack attacks!  


>  Re: Melissa's highs, Lily must bolus with R at least 45 min to 1 hour 
>  before eating to prevent post-prandial highs followed several hours later 
>  by a low.
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