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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete vs. OneTouch Profile Versus Dex

Here's another 2 cents:
    Melissa's DEX meter is sitting in her drawer because, as previously
mentioned, although it's "cute, small, convenient, needs less blood", etc. the
fact that it's measuring a different "type" of bg & consequently gives
disparate readings from the old reliable One Touch & her new Accucheck
Complete (yes, her CDE had her participating in BOTH trials) basically
rendered it useless in our opinion!!!
   I still carry a Precision QID in my purse & she still uses her One Touch as
a "backup" but basically she's been pretty satisfied with the Complete....
    As for her previously mentioned  high bgs, her CDE felt that since she'd
grown & gained a few lbs, her insulin needs were higher & she simply wasn't
taking enough insulin to cover her meals..Also felt that since she's on
Velosulin, splitting the bolus wasn't accomplishing anything....So she
begrudgingly followed his suggestions, and guess what?????...vastly improved
bgs!!!!........I think a MAJOR factor for Melissa is failure to wait awhile
after bolusing before eating....
    Then again, maybe this has just been an "in range" week because the sun is
shining & it's spring!!! LOL...makes as much sense as any other theory we've

Regards, Renee (aka the PUMP-COACH mom)
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