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Re: [IP] Six Months and still clicking...

I'd second Ruth's suggestion.  My three year old was a bit nonplussed at
first.  One morning I asked her to tell me how to do my blood sugar.  She
did -- and didn't even skip the step of looking at the bottle and the meter.
She was really proud to be mom's helper!
Take care,
email @ redacted

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From: Ruth Elowitz <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
Date: March 27, 1998 01:07 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Six Months and still clicking...

>I took care of friend's small children in college for large periods of time
>and noticed a few things that might help.  I generally get along great with
>kids.  I found that when I was feeling uncomfortable about the pump they
>were ambivalent, but when I showed it to them as a neat gizmo, all was
>sunny.  What would surprise me was the interest even very small kids took
>in figuring things our!  Could you have her help you blood test and talk
>about what you're doing with her?  Maybe she's picking up on the fact that
>grownups tend to discuss things like sites and doses and exclude small
>children?  Also, some four year olds may have these kind of insecurities
>anyway (think about those famous kindergarten scenarios -- the reason one
>school district recently on the news is upping the age to start
>kindergarten).  If that's the problem, letting her help you make decisions
>might make her feel less insecure.
>Hope things get better!
>email @ redacted wrote:
>> Randall,
>> Congrats!!!!!
>> Just wondering if you could offer me any advice on my 4yr old daughter.
>> I've been on the pump for almost 2 mos, but my daughter seems to be
>> showing some anger towards me. She understands that the pump is a very
>> good thing and keeps me healthy. She often says to me that she doesn't
>> want me to leave when I drop her off at her activity,she wants me to
>> stay and wait. I think she is scared of losing me for real. Maybe she
>> notices that other mommies don't wear a pump? I constantly reassure her
>> that I love her and would never leave her, mommies always come back. I
>> also tell her I'm going to be around for a long long time. I don't know
>> what else to do. My 6 yr old thinks my pump is totally cool!!!
>> Rona
>> Randall Winchester wrote:
>> >
>> > Tomorrow is my six month anniversary of my assimilation.  I started
>> > the pump on September 26, 1997.  As I think back over the past six
>> > months I remember the good times, like getting used to not going to
>> > bed afraid I'd have low bg episode during the night.  I remember the
>> > strange feeling of eating that second piece of coconut cream pie at
>> > Christmas, just because I wanted it.  I think about skipping
>> > breakfast, lunch, or dinner because I just wasn't hungry.  I remember
>> > things like what happened on Monday night when my bg went to 341 for
>> > no good reason, and how it came back down with a bolus and no low bg
>> > crash.
>> >
>> > I also remember the event that I related a while back where my son
>> > told me he wanted a medicine box like Daddy has on his belt, and
>> > sitting in the floor crying and telling him I pray each night for him
>> > that he'll never have to have one...   I think about how strange it
>> > still feels to not be bound by the schedule and to be able to eat or
>> > not eat based on if I'm hungry or not instead of the peaking of last
>> > nights shot.
>> >
>> > I also think about last Saturday morning when it took a few minutes
>> > to push that button on the SoftSerter.  That insertion needle looked
>> > like it was a mile long and hundreds of feet in diameter for a few
>> > seconds...  but when I pushed the button it didn't hurt at all...
>> >
>> > But most of all I think about what my son Joseph said last week when
>> > he came into the room while I was changing my infusion set.  He
>> > watched me for a few minutes and we talked about how he doesn't have
>> > to say "ouch" for me any more like he used to when I'd take a shot.
>> > He wanted to look at the tegaderm and after he satisfied himself that
>> > it was placed right he looked up at me and just commented "Daddy's
>> > better now."  I just gave him a hug and he helped me throw all the
>> > debris (the paper, plastic etc) into the trash.  I couldn't add
>> > anything more to his evaluation...
>> >
>> > Here's to you all - Keep on happily pumping insulin...  I'm glad I
>> > found this group.
>> >
>> > Randall Winchester
>> >
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