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Air in the tube, was: Re: [IP] Canula volume revisited


Here's another trick to eliminate that "gap" of air which appears at the
end of the tube when you disconnect Silhouettes / Tenders / Comfort
infusion sets:

Try holding the pump up in the air, higher than the "disconnect" end of the
tubing when you reconnect. You'll probably notice that the air in the end
of the tube disappears and a drop of insulin shows at the end of the
disconnect (isn't gravity neat??).

At this point, I bolus .5 to make sure there is no air left, then
reconnect. Once reconnected, I bring the pump back down to a normal level
and I'm off and running.

I'm sure this sounds like a lot of "screwing around", but I noticed a
difference if I did not do this, especially with low basal rates (.2 units
per hour). That little bit of air left in the end of the tubing *did* seem
to make a difference in delivery.


>I was ALSO told that insulin stays in the canula when you disconnect so
>the only thing that you need to do after being off of the pump to
>shower, etc....is to bolus the tubing connected to the syringe to make
>sure that no air was introduced into the tubing BEFORE you reconnect. 
>BTW - with me at least, there ALWAYS is. I also bolus any missed insulin
>for the time that I'm off the pump.

Bob Burnett

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