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Re: [IP] Canula volume revisited

Hi Guys and Gals - 

Let me clarify a statement that I made with regards to the filling of
the canula on the Silhouette.

My Nurse Educator at Joslin here in West Orange New Jersey called
MiniMed with regards to this question: 
What is the amount to fill the canula after the set change BEFORE you
connect for the first time - with no prior insulin in the canula? The
amount given by the MiniMed person was .7  - explained by the longer
length of the Silhouette's canula. (I don't know about the other canulas
since I've only recently started on the pump and have used the
Silhouette from the beginning.)

I was ALSO told that insulin stays in the canula when you disconnect so
the only thing that you need to do after being off of the pump to
shower, etc....is to bolus the tubing connected to the syringe to make
sure that no air was introduced into the tubing BEFORE you reconnect. 
BTW - with me at least, there ALWAYS is. I also bolus any missed insulin
for the time that I'm off the pump.


Take care - 

Scott Mendoker
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/