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[IP] No difference between Regular and BR (Velosolin)??


For what it's worth:

Granted, the changes in tubing appear to have eliminated many of the
problems originally reported when using insulin *other than* Velosolin BR,
with both insulin types now showing similar stability with the pump tubing.

However, there may still be different individual physical reactions to each
of the different insulins, due to the varying compounds in each. These
could potentially manifest themselves in a number of ways, including site
problems. These site problems could effect the results obtained.

I have heard of some users who could not use Velosolin, for example, who
were able to achieve satisfactory results when returning to Humulin
Regular. Neither of those insulins caused problems with their tubing.

As Rosanna Anna Danna used to say: "It's always something".


wondering why it's 78 degrees in Syracuse, New York today when last week I
had a foot of snow in my driveway ;-)


>With the modern changes in tubing, etc... with the pump, cases of 
>clogging with Humulin R are not being reported. There is apparently 
>no difference in results with Humulin R or Velosulin BR.
>Someone correct me if you know of any problems.
>email @ redacted

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