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[IP] more complete meter info

I met with the B-M rep yesterday for 1.5 hours, for "training" with a
complete meter. It definitely has more buttons and features than any other
diabetes-related product I've seen, and is somewhat more complicated than a
pump. However, if all you want to do is look at blood glucose results, you
can ignore most of the features. But if you want to see graphs --- you can
see them just by looking at the meter screen! :-) 

* I called B-M to ask about Accutility, the program to customize the events
on the meter. The sales rep, Allison, told me that she had voted to make it
available to patients. The customer service rep said that right now, it
wasn't yet available to patients but she'd have someone get back to me
about when it would be. I mentioned several of the things I'd like to
customize, and the fact that the CDE is completely computer
illiterate. (The CDE told me that if she got a copy of Accutility, she'd
just give it to me!) If I do get a copy, I will gladly "pass it on" to
anyone else who wants it. I'll let you know if that happens.  

It also is not good that the meter only stores at most 30 days worth of
tests. I'd like to look at monthly trends for menses, and at several
month's worth of Monday nights (when I go dancing), for example.
You need to upload the data to a computer to do that. 

* The customer service rep also quoted from her screen that Accutility only
runs on Window95, not WindowsNT. I'm hoping that's "WindowsNT is not
supported" rather than that there is some problem running it. Programs that
don't do funky things with memory are supposed to be binary compatible
between 95 and NT. I already have a unix (solaris) machine, a Mac, and an
NT machine at home. I really don't need to get another OS! (Ok, there are
a few 95 machines at work in the lab, but still, it would be better to keep
this stuff at home.)

* The other strange thing is that you *can* put in "pump bolus" doses, but
they're not nearly as convenient to add or review as "insulin" doses. I've
decided just to use the insulin doses. Since there are 3 insulin dose
slots, I've decided to use 1 for meal boluses and 1 for high-bs boluses, so
I can track them separately (as I usually do). 

* A great thing (I think) is that you can add "events" that are not
correlated to a blood test. So I can do a 7:40 am blood test, and then
record separately that I took a breakfast bolus and ate breakfast at
8:20. :-) 

Now for the weird things. We ran a control test, then we ran a test with a
blood sample. 59. I didn't feel low. We did another test. 52. I then ran a
test on my One Touch 2. 79 (much better). We ran a third test on the
complete. It was now 84. All of these tests were within 10 minutes! 

I then did a number of tests later in the day/evening/night/morning where I
used the same finger prick at the same time to supply both meters. These
results were all within 15 points of each other, but sometimes the One
Touch 2 was higher and sometimes the Complete. This morning they *both*
read 76. 

I only brought the Complete to work. I did a mid-morning test. 58. Again, I
didn't feel low, but had no other meter here to compare with. I decided to
treat it anyway. I have no special reason to believe that the One Touch 2
is more accurate when they differ, but it bugs me that they do. Any ideas?
I don't have problems getting big drops of blood... 

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