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Re: [IP] Six Months and still clicking...

> Just wondering if you could offer me any advice on my 4yr old daughter.
> I've been on the pump for almost 2 mos, but my daughter seems to be
> showing some anger towards me. She understands that the pump is a very
> good thing and keeps me healthy. She often says to me that she doesn't
> want me to leave when I drop her off at her activity,she wants me to
> stay and wait. I think she is scared of losing me for real. Maybe she
> notices that other mommies don't wear a pump? I constantly reassure her
> that I love her and would never leave her, mommies always come back. I
> also tell her I'm going to be around for a long long time. I don't know
> what else to do. My 6 yr old thinks my pump is totally cool!!!

This doesn't have anything to do with your pump. It is a typicall 
response from a 4 year old to a parent dropping them off and then 
leaving. I have lots of experience.... All 5 of my kids were 4 once 
and all went to the same nursery school (starting at 3). Fortunately, 
only a couple of them were really bad about this sort of thing and 
after a few weeks finally let me (or mom) leave. HOWEVER, there were 
always at least one or two moms that couldn't bear to let their 
little darlings tough it out once and awhile to get them use to 
parent separation.  Those poor people spent the whole year sitting in 
nursery school with their kids. Of course, the next year, everything 
was fine.  

As long as your daughter lets you leave you are in good shape. She 
will aclimate in a resonable amount of time (of course what's 
reasonable to you and to her are gonna be different :-)

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