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Re: [IP] History on Kerry Spitler

Whoa! that's a tough time.  Are you counting carbos and all that??
Do you have a copy of Pumping Insulin?

>      For those who have asked about Kerry, thank you for your concern.
> Kerry first developed a hyperthyroidism in 1988.  Her endo at the time
> recommended surgery to correct the problem and she had 2/3's of her thyroid
> removed.  Her endo, however, did not put her on a hormone supplement.
>      Shortly after her hyperthyroidism she started to have control problems.
> (For the previous 8 years, she never had a problem with lows and never even
> owned a glucose monitor.)  When she started to notice the problems, her endo
> said that it was her fault and never really attempted to determine if there
> was a medical condition causing these occurances.
>      Over the next 8 years we kept trying to convince her endo that there
> was something wrong.  The endo basically decided to let her GP handle her
> case.  In the mean time, Kerry had 3 major kidney infections that almost
> cost her the use of her kidneys.
>       It was during this time when her diabetes started to swirl out of
> control.  She had 4 hospitalizations due to DKA and her endo still said it
> was her own fault.  Kerry was having a very difficult time coping with all
> of the problems.  Her bs would swing from hour to hour on occasions.  Her
> endo did not even prescribe glucagon to help treat her when she bottomed
> out.
>      One day in 1996, Kerry had a day off of work.  I came home and found
> her in an insulin reaction.  Not knowing how long she had been in it, I
> immediately called for a ambulance.  She was thankfully revived in a quick
> amount of time.  We knew that she had to eat, so we went to a restaurant.
> Almost an hour later she was already going into another insulin reaction.  I
> said enough is enough.
>        I had injured myself in a fall and went to an "emergicare" facility.
> Kerry went with me.  When the doctor came into the room, he briefly glanced
> at me.  He saw Kerry sitting in her chair and went immediately to her and
> asked her if shewas having a problem with her thyroid.  Kerry said not that
> she knew of, and the doctor returned to me.
>      The next day we got her an appointment with a new endo.  He tested her
> for hyperthyroidism and found that it had returned.  This time Kerry did the
> dye treatment and is currently of synthroid.  The endo is having a difficult
> time with her.  He did prescribe glucagon and I have been very thankful for
> it.  Since he prescribed the glucagon,  Kerry has had approximately 150
> injections along with multiple ambulance calls.  In June 1997, her endo
> decided that there was no other alternative, short of transplant, to help
> her.  He placed her on the pump.
>      Although Kerry is still having a problem with control, for the most
> part her frequent insulin reactions (some bs's as low as 15---yes 15!) are
> starting to get further and further apart.  She was on the buffered R, But
> as of today her endo switched her to H.
>      Her gastro has developed due to the lack of control over the years And
> may be staring to affect her in other ways.  Kerry's endo is setting up
> different tests with other Dr's to determine just how bad it is.
>      The endo today drew of a new TSH and hopefully it has leved off some.
> It has been running a little high, but not to bad.  As for her glycated
> heboglobin it has been running somewhat low (in the 4's).
>      I apologize for the length, but it almost impossible to briefly give
> her history wihtout including these details.  I hope this helps you to
> understand why she is looking for suggestions to help her in trying to
> regain control of her life as a diabetic.
>       Brian (Kerry's husband)
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