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Re: [IP] NYC endo

On 27 Mar 98 at 1:07, John Neale wrote:
> So the endo has decided to put him on a pump just for boluses and keep
> him on ultralente for basal. That way he's no worse off than he is at
> present, apart from the slight inconvenience. There's no need to fine
> tune the basals at this stage. Then after a month or two, if he shows
> that he is responsible and hasn't done anything stupid, he can then go
> completely live, and they can then do the fine tuning.
> This approach may seem over-cautious, but it would not be bad medical
> practice, and she could argue a very good reason for adopting it.

Just rather different from most accepted practice.  The problem is 
that the uneven absorbtion of the Ultralente will continue to cause 
irregularities, and they will probably be blamed on the pump or the 
child...  still sounds like a case of "setting up for guaranteed 
failure" to me.  Of course we can argue very good reasons for just 
about anything...

Randall Winchester

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