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[IP] testing in the dark


I haven't chimed in anything lately - just been speed reading thru all t his
cuz I really like my Profile and arent interested in changing BUT  I have been
reading about the importance of lighting.

I use my Profile in the dark - in theatres, in bed in the middle of the night
when I dont want to turn on that blazing light.   I simply aim the blood at
the shining red light, then I uses the light from my 507 to read what the
number is.  Just for the sake of research, I did it the other day at the movie
theatre, just to seee what the fuss was about.  In the darkened theatre it was
148, then I ran to the lobby and did it again.  This time it was 153. So, in
my case, my PERSONAL experience, the amount of light had no effect on the
meter.  hmmm.  I will have to try this again I guess.

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