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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek vs.OneTouch Profile(some questions for DAN)

At 23:21 3/26/98 -0500, TedQ wrote:
>High or low light isn't really the problem, since the meter calibrates
itself >to
>the existing light level when you first insert the strip and the laser flashes.
>If it goes through that and then the light level has CHANGED when it takes the 
>final reading it will change the result. So the best idea is to keep away from 
>getting above the meter throughout the test, except when droppiing the blood
>on the strip. Avoid changeable light, such as a sunny day with clouds darkening
>the area off and on. 
>Very high or low light may affect the results slightly, but changing light 
>is almost certain to. That's why I got some error messages when I moved over
>the meter at the end of the test, it happened to detect it and force me
>to take another test, but this doesn't always happen.
>Ted Quick

Yes, changing the ambient light levels _during_ a test with a Profile (or
any photoreflectance) meter is just plain bad...it can't help but to
decrease the accuracy of the readings.

And yes, the meter should automatically adjust itself to ambient light
levels so that accuracy will not be affected.

My purely EMPIRICAL evidence with years of using a Profile, however,
indicates otherwise.  In direct sunlight, I definitely observed many times
that _my_ meter would read too low.  That's why I recommended in a previous
post that people with photoreflectance meters try not to test with the meter
in direct sunlight.



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