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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek vs.OneTouch Profile(some questions for DAN)

Ted wrote:

And then the other Ted intrudes.... <Grin<
>      Thanks again for the information!   I don't understand one thing.  The low
> and high light bothering the profile.  I never knew this could be a problem and
> remembering the last readings is standard for the profile.  What should I beware
> of with my one touch profile?

OK, thing is that the Profile (as well as all other OneTouch meters) check the
change in color of the sample resulting from mixing the chemical coating on the
strip with the blood in a timed cycle. 

High or low light isn't really the problem, since the meter calibrates itself to
the existing light level when you first insert the strip and the laser flashes.
If it goes through that and then the light level has CHANGED when it takes the 
final reading it will change the result. So the best idea is to keep away from 
getting above the meter throughout the test, except when droppiing the blood
on the strip. Avoid changeable light, such as a sunny day with clouds darkening
the area off and on. 

Very high or low light may affect the results slightly, but changing light 
is almost certain to. That's why I got some error messages when I moved over
the meter at the end of the test, it happened to detect it and force me
to take another test, but this doesn't always happen.

Ted Quick
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