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Re: [IP] Steph's a "Real" pumper now!

I beg to differ with your endo, but CHO counting is VERY SUCCESSFUL with many
pumpers, otherwise how would you get any flexibility?  It is not unusual ,
though to TRY to maintain a steady intake for the first week or so with
children.  Children rarely do that in the real world. Get the basal right
first.  I forgot how old your child is, but pre-meal BG's are safe at 100-140
range for children under 12 (YMMV), just to avoid some tricky lows.  Sounds
like you are in target  range.  Good idea to have  small snack if BG is in
70-80 range to maintain the near 100 mark. MiniMed has resources for MDs to
use for guidelines.  My pump trainer manual has a section related to children.
I do have to be careful with advice, since as a professional, there are some
ethics issues concerning any advice I might give.  Good luck to you.

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