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Re: [IP] NYC endo

Sorry to disagree with just about everyone here, but what Debbie's endo
is suggesting has some sense.

Debbie and her endo know far more about her son than the rest of us.

Just suppose the kid decides to pull out his infusion set "because it
gets in the way", or "he wanted to play with it" or something stupid
like that. And by the morning he's in DKA coma. DKA can come on very
quickly in young children.

So the endo has decided to put him on a pump just for boluses and keep
him on ultralente for basal. That way he's no worse off than he is at
present, apart from the slight inconvenience. There's no need to fine
tune the basals at this stage. Then after a month or two, if he shows
that he is responsible and hasn't done anything stupid, he can then go
completely live, and they can then do the fine tuning.

This approach may seem over-cautious, but it would not be bad medical
practice, and she could argue a very good reason for adopting it.


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