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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete vs. OneTouch Profile(some questions)

>Dan0, no meter is covered by the insurance company!!! NONE! So I buy
>whatever is cheaper, always remembering that there is a difference in the
>test results...

Excuse me again, But I must sound off. My meters are paid for by MY
insurance company and also the strips even before I got on the pump. Also I
have been given one free meter when I started on the pump. You know when you
send in the registration card, MiniMed must be in cahoots with Boehringer
cuz there was a coupon or something for a free meter. They sent me another
Advantage which what I like and use. So that made me three. One for home,
one for my "Crash Bag" and a backup. If I am not mistaken I have a brand new
one still in the box that my supply company called one day and said they
were sending free of charge! You have to remember that it only costs these
people a very little money to produce the meters themselves. I thought
around $15.00 but Yerachmieal told me on the phone the other day that 5
bucks was a more realistic figure. Anyway, they make their money on those 50
dollar a vial strips! I use on average 6.5 bottles a month!
    If you are paying for a meter it is because you have one of the soupped
up models or have a bad insurance company???? Incidentally. . .  on Express
Med's holding line they have a recording that drills it into your head that
"MOST" insurance companies will replace your meter yearly! Believe it or
not. . . . . . Truth is stranger than fiction.
    You want to give me some argue on this ??????? <big grin>

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