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RE: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete vs. OneTouch Profile(some questions)

At 10:07 3/26/98 -0700, Kristine wrote:
>I also used to have problems with the advantage strips "error"ing
>because they need more blood than the profile strips do.  My problem was
>that I would put on my normal size blood drop, and then the blood would
>be sucked into one corner (capillary action) leaving a corner of the
>yellow grid exposed.  With the Complete, you have 15 extra seconds to
>put more blood on the strip...thats when the meter beeps 1/2 way thru
>the test.  Actually, this might have also been possible with the
>Advantage since they are the same strips, but I never read the manual.
>But, since using the Complete for 2 weeks now, I haven't had any strip

That's interesting...my experience in switching from the Profile to the
Advantage (and recently to the Complete) was that Advantage strips require
slightly _less_ blood than the Profile strips.

One thing that I remember with the Profile (and the OTII before that) was
that it would give erroneously low results if I didn't put sufficient blood
on the strip (without the meter complaining, most of the time).  So I always
tried to make sure that the drop I put on there was large enough to produce
a small 'dome' over the circular test area.

With the Advantage strips, if I use too small a drop of blood, even a very
tiny yellow corner left uncovered will cause the meter to complain about
insufficient blood.  I find that the capillary action of the mesh over the
test area is rather nice _as long as_ you hit pretty close to the center of
the strip.  Otherwise it is rather easy to end up with an uncovered corner.

And yes, the Advantage meter also allows you to add more blood within 15
seconds if you didn't quite cover all of the yellow mesh.


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