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RE: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete vs. OneTouch Profile(some questions)

I also used to have problems with the advantage strips "error"ing
because they need more blood than the profile strips do.  My problem was
that I would put on my normal size blood drop, and then the blood would
be sucked into one corner (capillary action) leaving a corner of the
yellow grid exposed.  With the Complete, you have 15 extra seconds to
put more blood on the strip...thats when the meter beeps 1/2 way thru
the test.  Actually, this might have also been possible with the
Advantage since they are the same strips, but I never read the manual.
But, since using the Complete for 2 weeks now, I haven't had any strip
Take Care,
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Profile(some questions)

	Hey guys...I did a check myself and found that my accuchek
advantage was 22
	mg/dl higher consistently than my profile...but it was
	the same thing that Dan did and just changed my target range...I
like the
	profile better but that's just personal preference and the fact
that my
	advantage seems to error out too much and I have to pay for the
	myself! (insurance doesn't cover them YET until I actually go on
the pump,
	then they might have no CHOICE!)

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