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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete vs. OneTouch Profile(some questions)

At 10:45 3/26/98 -0600, Dorothy wrote:
>Hey guys...I did a check myself and found that my accuchek advantage was 22
>mg/dl higher consistently than my profile...but it was CONSISTENT so I did
>the same thing that Dan did and just changed my target range...I like the
>profile better but that's just personal preference and the fact that my
>advantage seems to error out too much and I have to pay for the strips
>myself! (insurance doesn't cover them YET until I actually go on the pump,
>then they might have no CHOICE!)

I'd opt for whichever meter the insurance company will cover strips for!

If that turns out to be the Advantage, then you might consider getting an
Accu-Chek Complete, which uses the same strips as the Advantage but has
several useful data-analysis features, beyond even what the Profile meter has.


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