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In a message dated 3/26/98 12:35:05 AM, Marilyn wrote:

<<The low carbs. leads to more control and of course this leads to less
complications. Of course it's important to take vitamins.

How is your control?  Could this work for you?>>


I have no doubt that a high protein diet would create better and easier
control of blood sugars and, of course, fewer complications.  But vitamins are
not a good substitute for a well-balanced diet.  My doc is a holistic
internist and I take lots of them (vitamins).  My high cholesterol came into
normal range within 3 months of stopping all meat, so did the triglicerids
(sp).  I stopped spilling protein and the vascular vultures are not pushing me
into any more surgery.  Since vascular disease is a major complication of
Diabetes, I can't imagine anyone suggesting a high fat diet.  The early
Diabetic diets pushed high protein (I'm talking early 60's here) for the same
reason, so there is nothing new here.

The question in my mind is not whether it works to control blood sugars, but
whether it is healthy in an overall sense over a long period of time.

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