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RE: [IP] Six Months and still clicking...

Randall,Congrats on your anniversary.....my 2 year is coming up on April 22...the last 2 years have been the BEST in my diabetes treatment....I'm so glad that I found a new endo...and A GREAT CDE(right Barb?) and most of all my wonderful best friend, my PUMP........I wouldn't trade anything for it....right now it's the best thing going......keep up the good work Randall.......aren't you just so glad....I had to cry when I read your letter, I know all of your feelings.....isn't it nice to know that someone(like the wonderful people on this list) REALLY know what you feel????? again...CONGRATS........I'm pulling for ya!!!!!

Tomorrow is my six month anniversary of my assimilation.  I started 
the pump on September 26, 1997.  As I think back over the past six 
months I remember the good times, like getting used to not going to 
bed afraid I'd have low bg episode during the night.  I remember the 
strange feeling of eating that second piece of coconut cream pie at 
Christmas, just because I wanted it.  I think about skipping 
breakfast, lunch, or dinner because I just wasn't hungry.  I remember 
things like what happened on Monday night when my bg went to 341 for 
no good reason, and how it came back down with a bolus and no low bg 

I also remember the event that I related a while back where my son 
told me he wanted a medicine box like Daddy has on his belt, and 
sitting in the floor crying and telling him I pray each night for him 
that he'll never have to have one...   I think about how strange it 
still feels to not be bound by the schedule and to be able to eat or 
not eat based on if I'm hungry or not instead of the peaking of last 
nights shot.   

I also think about last Saturday morning when it took a few minutes 
to push that button on the SoftSerter.  That insertion needle looked 
like it was a mile long and hundreds of feet in diameter for a few 
seconds...  but when I pushed the button it didn't hurt at all...

But most of all I think about what my son Joseph said last week when 
he came into the room while I was changing my infusion set.  He 
watched me for a few minutes and we talked about how he doesn't have 
to say "ouch" for me any more like he used to when I'd take a shot.  
He wanted to look at the tegaderm and after he satisfied himself that 
it was placed right he looked up at me and just commented "Daddy's 
better now."  I just gave him a hug and he helped me throw all the 
debris (the paper, plastic etc) into the trash.  I couldn't add 
anything more to his evaluation...  

Here's to you all - Keep on happily pumping insulin...  I'm glad I 
found this group.  

Randall Winchester

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