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Re: [IP]Re:THANKS EVERYONE(Barry, how did you get to be a candidate?)


barry bruce wrote:

guys i am really touched(not just in the head) thanks everybody for the
support. i just got back from a stress test at uva(3 hr drive up, 4 hr
test, 3hr home) so if i don't make sense, whats new : )
i would love to stay in contact w/ you all. problem is when i get the call
i'm going to have to move fast and wont have time to unsubscribe and if i
dont the volume may melt my comp.
after my hosp stay i'll have to stay w/ my folks for awhile(unless i can
find a young student nurse in training that needs some on the job training.
any #'s?  ; )
any ideas on the afore mentioned statments are appr. particularly the nurse
part! let me know here or private.
oh yeah they asked me to join a study of pre & post pan. trans. it might
help get funding for future tran. patients down the road.
thanks again you all are the best.
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
           If you have a minute to write me please tell me how you are a candidate for a transplant?
I think you are lucky and will have your life back.  I like to hear all about it.  I just started changing my diet dramatically and have stabilized my blood sugars.  I now only eat 15 carbs.
per meal.  Please write back when you get a chance.  I've never spoken to anyone before who has had this surgery.  Of Course, the best of luck in your recovery!!!! What state are you having this done in?