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Re: [IP] Low-CHO diets...I'm perplexed

Dan Oliver wrote:
> It's seems to me that this would be a _bad_ thing for diabetics, even if it
> did produce a flatter BG curve.
> 1. Since diabetics are much more prone to heart disease, wouldn't the
> increased fat intake raise the lipid levels in the bloodstream, thereby
> increasing the risk of heart disease/atherosclerosis even higher?

The idea is that the proteins and fats are broken down to some extent to
put glucose into the blood stream. They say it doesn't lead to heart diseases
because they are actually caused by too much carb FIRST, then too much fat
on top of it. I haven't actually tried it myself, just quoting other messages.
> 2. Since diabetics' kidneys are already badly stressed, wouldn't the
> increased protein intake put extra strain on the kidneys and speed up their
> degradation?

Another point made is that the kidneys spill protein because there has been
too much hyperglycemia over the years, which is caused by CHO, NOT protein/fat.
Precaustions do need to be taken if you already have kidney diseaese, but 
apparently this kind of diet doesn't cause it.
> 3. Wouldn't the slow digestion of the relatively large quantities of fat and
> protein make it very difficult to figure out one's basal rates?  Especially
> if gastroparesis were involved?

Basal rates and bolus amounts sre said to be greatly reduced, so it isn't
hard to figure, it's a lot more constant than eating CHO to need to be covered
with insulin.

So goes the story, anyway. Some people seem to do much better with low, 
others do better on the old ADA diets. Finding which works for YOU is
the thing!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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