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[IP] Balky NYC Dr.

> >  She said that if that was what we wanted to do we would have to find another
> > endo. 
If she really did say that, it borders on being medically unethical.
Threatening to withold treatment in order to blackmail a patient into 
accepting a known inferior treatment regiemen is a really serious 
error in judgement and should be reported to the state board of 
medical examiners.  I would suggest to this doctor that if she is 
so egotistical and so ingrained in her ways that she refuses to talk 
to other physicians about the up-to-date treatment of your child that 
you consider the threat tantamount to malpractice and if that she 
does not relent that you will file a complaint against her with the 
medical board. You can be polite and firm at the same time. You have 
nothing to lose but the health of your child if you continue with 
this doc without forcing her to update her medical knowledge.

This group can supply many Dr.'s phone numbers that she can consult 
with on the proper treatement of pump patients.

Insulin-Pumpers now has 240 members including many CDE's, RN's, 
Dr.'s, Scientests (in the field of diabetes), parents of pumping 
children, pump industry representatives, pumpers and quite a few 
prospective pumpers waiting for installation. There is a wealth of 
knowledge and experience available to anyone for the asking. ---just 
a phone call away.

email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/