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Re: [IP] Low-CHO diets...I'm perplexed

In a message dated 3/25/98 11:49:38 AM, Dano wrote:

<<1. Since diabetics are much more prone to heart disease, wouldn't the
increased fat intake raise the lipid levels in the bloodstream, thereby
increasing the risk of heart disease/atherosclerosis even higher?>>


<<2. Since diabetics' kidneys are already badly stressed, wouldn't the
increased protein intake put extra strain on the kidneys and speed up their


<<3. Wouldn't the slow digestion of the relatively large quantities of fat and
protein make it very difficult to figure out one's basal rates?  Especially
if gastroparesis were involved?>>

NO, it would make it impossible!  It also doesn't take into consideration that
carbohydrates are needed for energy and other body functions and maintenance.
Weird protein diets are not new to the diet world.  Weight drops off quickly,
giving the appearance of success.  They are misleading and often dangerous.
Look at the food pyramid.  A healthy diet consists of all food groups in
varying amounts.

My $.02


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