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[IP] Re: Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solutions

> I've recently started reading a wonderful book called DIABETES SOLUTIONS by
> Dr. Bernstein who is a diabetic.  He explains that a diet very low in
> carbohydrates saved his life.  I have been on this diet for a couple days and
> haven't had any highs.  He explains why no more than 15 carbs per meal is
> important.  The diet is high protein and fat.  It is an excellent book and
> tells alot about taking control of your life.  HAS ANYONE OUT THERE read this
> book yet?  
> Marilyn from Maryland

I know Dr. Bernstein. He was one of the first to realize that keeping
normal blood sugars can prevent and sometimes reverse complications. That
was a pretty far-out observation in the 70s and early 80s, long before the
DCCT. He was also one of the first to recommend MDI.  He himself is type I,
was originally an engineer, and went to medical school is his 40s
specifically to help other diabetics.

He is also an extremist. Back before Humalog, the only way to have NORMAL
(under 130) post-prandials was to either eat very little carb, or take too
much insulin. Hence the low carb diet. It's also the easiest way to avoid
mis-guessing how much insulin to take (when the amount of carb is tiny).
If you carb count accurately, and don't have an unpredictable long-term
insulin in your body, taking the right amount of insulin is easy.

I was a patient of his shortly after I was diagnosed, in 1983. He
immediately put me on one dose of U per day, plus a sliding-scale shot of R
for every meal and snack. I gave up on the low-carb diet early on, but kept
the MDI regime.  I credit this treatment plan with getting me through my
senior year of high school, college, living abroad, and 5 years of grad
school with VERY irratic eating and sleeping patterns, and a lot of
exercise. I had a fair number of (controllable) lows and highs, but my
HbA1c's were 7s and 8s. And I have no complications, after 14 years.

The pump is a better treatment method, IMHO. 

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