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Re: [IP] Question on blood test (TSH serum level)An Answer

oops..i deleted too much...paraphrase...i asked my dr if thyroid problems
were related to diabetes...he said no...
>However, I have heard on this computer that my doctor was 
>wrong.  I'm
>sure I couldn't have done anything to prevent it.  I just hope that is 
>worst of my health worries- siris- a little yidish.

i have been researching the thyroid/diabetes connection and something i
read...maybe the diabetes forcast article ...recommended that diabetics
get thyroid tests every year...it gets better...there is also a
connection to the adrenal gland...parathyroid and stomach...in the merck
manual it is classified under polyglandular defiency syndrome...but i
have seen it under other labels also...i am very interested in this
subject....if anyone has any more info i would be interested...my email
is email @ redacted 

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