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[IP] Oral Insulin

I just received information on a company named "Generex
Biotechnology Corp. of Canada.  They are claiming to have a 
drug named "Oralin" that is a formulation that reduces blood 
sugar levels in small animals and has proven effective in
humans. This formulation is taken orally!!!!!

In January 1998,the Company completed a study in 10 type1
diabetic patients under controlled conditions designated to 
yield definitive evidence that Oralin provides glucose
lowering results comparable to injected insulin.  They claim 
results were very encouraging in demonstrating the
efficacy of Oralin.

The Company met with the US FDA in January 1998 to begin its 
application for FDA approval.  It reported that the FDA was 
very responsive to its presentation.

The Company will be conducting Oralin trials in Equador in
the first quarter of 1998; at Mount Sinai Hospital in
Toronto, most likely in the beginning of the second quarter 
of 1998; and in Brazil in the beginning of the second half
of the year.
The results of the trial with type 1 patients confirmed that 
the oral formulation containing 3 times the amount of
injected insulin reduced blood sugars in equal proportions
to the injected insulin.

If I hear of any more information on this new oral insulin I 
will pass it on to you.

Ken Bernstein
email @ redacted 

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