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Re: [IP] NYC endo

At 21:54 3/24/98 -0500, email @ redacted wrote:
>        We had a long talk today about the ultralente and it was quite
>clear that she feels it would be dangerous to start him without it.  She

Your endo is NOT up-to-date on pump therapy.  If I were you, I wouldn't use
this endocrinologist to pursue getting your son on a pump, unless you have
_no_ other alternatives.

It's kinda weird...you'd think that a physician who _specializes_ in
endocrinology would want to stay on top of 'new' developments (including the
latest therapeutic methods) in that narrow medical field.  After all, they
are in the business of saving and maintaining lives.

The unfortunate reality is that some do and some don't.  I guess it's a
human-nature thing, because the same thing occurs with specialists in
non-medical fields as well.

Since your insurance only seems to give you one (covered) alternative, the
best advice that I can give you is to try calling the other two
endocrinologists in your area, explain your situation, and ask them
point-blank what their stance is on pump therapy.  If they're pro-pump, ask
them if _they_ recommend injecting long-lasting insulin while on pump
therapy.  If you get the expected answer (that it's a ludicrous idea),
perhaps you can petition your insurance company to
allow you to see that endocrinologist instead.

You might even consider going through all the motions with the uninformed
endo just to get the insurance company to cover the pump and supplies, and
then pay to see a different endocrinologist out-of-pocket.  You can probably
come up with other schemes to get this to work out as well, but just make
sure that your insurance company will honor Rx's written by out-of-plan
specialists, because the pump supplies can easily run $150-200 per month.

Best of luck,

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