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Re: [IP] NYC endo

On 24 Mar 98 at 21:54, Timmy and Debbie wrote:

>         We had a long talk today about the ultralente and it was quite
> clear that she feels it would be dangerous to start him without it.  She
> said that if that was what we wanted to do we would have to find another
> endo.  She claimed that it is common practice to give NPH or ultralente to
> pregnant woman on the pump since the risk of pump failure would result in
> fetal death.  She also said many pump patients are given compazine to keep
> on hand in case they wake up in DKA.  She said that it would be easier for
> my son to disconnect or "take a break" from the pump with the ultralente on
> board.  She also said she has lots of collegues to turn to for help if need
> be but is totally confident on being able to do this for my son. She is
> even wearing the pump exactly the way she wants to use it on my son.

Another doctor who's way behind the times and way out of line...   
This should be a wake up call for any of our medical professionals 
on the list - any documentation available to help here?  Somebody 
needs to contact this doctor and get her back to the same reality 
that most of us inhabit.   It is stupid, yes down right stupid and 
blatant malpractice to give any long acting insulin while a patient 
is using an insulin pump.  You still get the uncertain absorbtion of 
the long acting insulin and end up chasing the bg values without 
cause, and I bet this doctor would blame the pump and the patient for 
the difficulty.  She is obviously ignorant of the standards of pump 
therapy and is therefore a danger to her patients....  

>         This is a difficult decision for us as we have been with this
> doctor for five years and she has a great relationship with us and my son.
> Until now we have never had a question or concern regarding our son's
> treatment and always felt we were getting the best care available.  I did
> finally find two doctors with some pump experience, one at MT. Sinai
> hospital in Manhattan and one in Valhalla in Westchester county. MT. Sinai
> wants 4oo dollars for the initial visit and the other wants 285 dollars!
> Neither accepts our insurance.....and unfortunately money is tight for us.
> Our current endo is willing to accept the insurance fees in full.  So I'm
> rather torn as to what to do!  I need time to mull things over.

This is a difficult situation - but to go on a pump while still 
taking any long acting insulin is not proper.  To attempt to use both 
a pump and NPH or Ultralente is an excercise doomed to frustration 
and failure.  

Randall Winchester

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