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[IP] NYC Endo

I've been reading about the Endo, and think since she is quite familiar
with your child, and her diabetes, that her caution may be of merit.  I
know that some people can go into DKA very quickly, and if they ran
their regimen the way I do, they would be in serious trouble.  I was a
middle child, and my younger bros. was 18 mos when they discovered he
was comatose, in DKA.  This happened 5 years before I was diagnosed in
1961, so that would be 1956 or so.  He died from this, and I was  sick
for some time before I went in, and never was in serious trouble the
whole time while getting stabilized in the hospital.  What I am saying
is maybe your Dr. has her reasons to start this youngster out with the
back-up, and as the child becomes more familiar with the routine, will
take him off of the Ultra.  There is so much to learn in the beginning,
a lot of testing, and then more testing, and when you think you got it
all working right, the tape didn't stick, or the tubing gets pulled out
in the night, or too much static electricity.  It's not always easier,
but it will be better.  Have faith in whatever you choose to do; your
endo wants the best for her patient I'm sure.   My .03 cents
Laurie B.
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