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Different meter results, was: RE: [IP] new complete meter


Those test results are exactly what you are looking for!

The important thing is that the meters were consistent in their difference
over the course of the test period. If the results varied during the course
of the testing (one test showed one meter higher, the next test showed the
other meter higher, etc), then you really would not know too much, other
than the fact you had a lot of different test results ;-)

These meters use different technologies from each other and their results
will always show some difference. As I recall, the 6 to 10 mg/dl difference
between meters is about what you would expect from the different technology
involved. What really matters with a meter is that the results are
consistent, "repeatable" and have a clear relationship to the results you
get when you visit your doctor (even if you need to adjust for the
difference between your meter and the lab results). FWIW, the AccuCheck
Advantage and the Complete use the same strip technology. I compared the
Advantage with the One Touch Profile a couple years ago and got results
virtually identical to your recent tests.

Meter manufacturers warn about comparing different meters to each other,
even comparing two of the same models made by the same manufacturer. It's
not that they are worried about the competition, it's just that the
differences will never disappear. 

I always felt that if I could get consistent BG measurements from reading
tea leaves, it is fine with me - as long as the results are consistent and
repeatable over time and I can base my medical decisions on these results.
If not, I will use a tool which *does* allow me to do this.

Now, I just wish these folks would get their collective act together and
give us the "non invasive" meter and stop bickering and trying to sell me
all this stuff ;-)


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Kristine wrote:

>In 3 days worth of side-by-side testing from the same drop of blood, 
>the Complete was consistently 6 to 10 mg/dl higher than the Profile. 
> It was closer (6) in the hypo range and the error got bigger with 
>larger bg's.
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>Nuclear Fuel Management
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