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Hi Sara!

You wrote:
> Try Dr. Andrew Drexler in NYC at 212 682-6114.  he is my diabetes doctor,
> pumps - I dont know about kids, but he may be able to point  you towards
>   He is pretty cool!

Actually I was just about to ask you who your doctor was.  I'm strongly
considering relocating myself to somewhere "closer" to NYC so that I can be
with my love. :-)

(Did I tell you the story about how we went to high school, lost touch,
hadn't talked to each other in almost 10 years, etc.?  Today I had chinese
food for lunch.  This was the fortune cookie I got:
"Someone from your past has returned to steal your heart."
That's gotta be the most frighteningly accurate fortune I've ever seen :-)

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found him." -- Lilith on "Frasier"

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