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[IP] Accu-Chek Complete vs. OneTouch Profile

I did the same side-by-side with an Accu-Chek Advantage and a OneTouch
Profile some time ago (the Advantage and the Complete use the same strip,
and both use the same test electronics, according to Boehringer).

I found that the Advantage gave readings consistently around 10-11% higher
than the Profile.  I had read somewhere at the time that the Advantage was
likely (in the U.S., anyway) tuned to more closely match the plasma readings
that labs produce.  As I recall this equates to artificially increasing the
whole-blood result by multiplying it by 1.125.

That's pretty darn close to the difference that I saw empirically.  The only
thing that I had to do as a result was to raise my BG target range by 12%.

The correlation between the two meters was very close during the entire
experiment (which is pretty amazing for home-testing devices).  The only
significant difference was the aforementioned offset.

At 09:22 3/24/98 -0700, Kristine wrote:
>In 3 days worth of side-by-side testing from the same drop of blood, 
>the Complete was consistently 6 to 10 mg/dl higher than the Profile. 
> It was closer (6) in the hypo range and the error got bigger with 
>larger bg's.
>Kristine L. Govertsen

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