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Re: [IP] Re: X Ray

I've walked through those things a hundred times with my pump and never had
any problems.  In fact, the only time that I set one off, taking the keys
out of my pocket made it happy.

I occasionally am asked by more vigilant security people to "demonstrate
that my pager works".  I then just show it to them and explain that it's an
insulin pump and they wave me on through.

But I never had any trouble with the X-rays, magnetic fields, or anything
else messing up my pump (mine's a 507).

(I'd only ask for a 'hand search' if there was a compelling reason to _want_
to be hand-searched by the particular security lady... ;-)

At 10:39 3/24/98 -0500, Amil wrote:
>Dear Group:
>When I travel with the pump, my endo recommends that I request a "hand
>search" rather than taking any chances with the detectors. The airport
>people will do this if you explain that you are wearing a medical
>Amil Vazquez Jr.

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