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Re: [IP] Donna's basals

Sara, Michael and anyone else who is interested:

My experience echoes that of Sara.

Both "Pumping Insulin" and "The Insulin Pump Therapy Book" make note of the
fact that your ratios may differ at different times of the day. It is *not*

The examples cited in both books is the difference between morning ratios
and those used later in the day. One of the reasons mentioned is the
presence of "counter regulatory hormones" in the morning (those little
devils which contribute to the Dawn Effect) which increase insulin
resistance in the early morning hours. A person's reaction to insulin later
in the day can also be different (increased sensitivity), due to the
insulin taken earlier in the day.

I found the difference in ratios to be even more important when I was using
Humalog. With Velosolin I found my ratios to be more consistent throughout
the day, with little variation between meals. Humalog typically demanded
different ratios for me.

This is most certainly a "YMMV" thing, but it reminds me that our
individual bodies react to "ratios, rates and tendencies" in so many
different ways.

Bob Burnett

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