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[IP] Re: I ain't Rona but . . . .

>                    Everyday, I wake up and feel tired and it is not only
>diabetes that I am plagued with

    Perfect example for a pump. I would almost guarantee that you would feel
200% better once on the pump. It is very conclusive with all the testaments
here in this group that you will feel so much better.
    As far as it hurting. . . .  . May find it scary at first but little
pain. The fear of the unknown and unfamiliar mat upset you at first but
don't let that worry you. If you can get a pump go for it. Only other
concern would be with the cost of supplies after you get pumping. If you are
going to lose your insurance it would be something to consider. . .
    The infusion sets I use are $115.00 per box of 12 and these are supposed
to last you 36 days or so??? I get more than that but I would not want to
corrupt your mind if you have yet to be taught by a CDE. Ha You would also
require a box of reservoirs (24 per box) and you are supposed to change
these every 4 to 6 days. I get a substantial greater amount of time than
this with mine but again I will not tell you at this point in time.
    The cost of the supplies should not be taken lightly as this therapy is
not cheap and insurance is almost a necessity.

Best of Luck,

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted

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