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[IP] Question on blood test (TSH serum level)

     I had blood work done last week due to my continual tiredness, 
     sleepiness and falling down dozing (zzzzzz).
     Everything thank G-d was normal (electrolytes, HGB A1c = 7.3 (but Dr 
     wants it higher (100-200 mg/dl) because he's afraid of me passing out 
     from a low sugar since I don't 'feel it' anymore)).
     Only thing 'off reference' was the TSH, SERUM which came up as 4.40 
     where normal is (0.40-4.20).  Dr told me this is very slightly off and 
     if I hadn't had sleep condition and very dry skin recently he probably 
     wouldn't look twice.  He ran a second set of bloods which I'll get 
     back on Thursday.
     Dr told me that diabetes and thyroid problems seem to go together.  
     Anyone on list have any data, (self or otherwise), info, on-line pages 
     where I can learn about this if needed?  Is this number anything to 
     worry about?  (Why can't I just have simple long term diabetes and 
     leave all these other things to animals in test studies?)
     Yerachmiel Bruchya haLevi Altman
     Please send responses direct to me (when I get lots of mail I 
     sometimes delete BEFORE I read and this is painful)
     email @ redacted

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