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Re: [IP] how to mix R and H in pump syringe

>These questions are aimed at people mixing R and H in their pumps.  I feel
>silly asking this, but: when mixing Velosulin and Humalog in a pump
>syringe, does the order of insulins (first H then R? vice versa?) matter?
>And do you do anything special to "mix" the insulins before priming the
>I took out both bottles yesterday, and it just seemed like if I put in the
>R second and then immediately primed the tubing, that all of the R would be
>in the tubing and it wouldn't get mixed with the H at all. Is this silly?
>Or do I need to do "something"? Would it be better to put in the R first?
>(I was going to try 30 units R and 120 units H.)

Not silly at all Janet! I tested precisely this with water and ink
before I started mixing. I drew water up first, and then drew in a tiny
bit of ink. The ink was immediately mixed through the whole syringe, and
what initially came down the tube was perfectly mixed. The old NPH
insulin needed thorough mixing because the white insulin crystals are
much heavier than the solution they're in. With R & H the solutions are
identical, I believe(?), and there's a lot of turbulence as it shoots
into the syringe chamber from the tiny needle opening.

Good luck!


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