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Re: [IP] Complete meter

> Janet,
> Would love a meter!!  I do live in the Bay ARea but am currently commuting
> from Berkeley to Petaluma and Santa Rosa daily for work.  I teach on Tuesday
> and Thursday in Petaluma at that time.  Any other ways to get hold of one?
> Thanks,
> Ruth

I think the CDE is trying to get a group of people together for the pump
representative. Otoh, I skipped the meeting with the Bayer rep and still
got a Dex meter (but had to fill out paperwork). You could call the CDE and
see if there's some other time you could go to Sequoia. Or get the name of
the Boehringer-Mannheim rep; maybe she's seeing someone in Petaluma on
another day, who knows? Call Laurie Paseca (sp?) at 650-367-5213.

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