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Re: [IP] how to mix R and H in pump syringe

> These questions are aimed at people mixing R and H in their pumps.  I feel
> silly asking this, but: when mixing Velosulin and Humalog in a pump
> syringe, does the order of insulins (first H then R? vice versa?) matter?
> And do you do anything special to "mix" the insulins before priming the
> tubing?
Probably doesn't matter but physics would dictate a better mix if the 
larger amount were added last. Greater amount=more turbulence when 
drawing in the mix.

> I took out both bottles yesterday, and it just seemed like if I put in the
> R second and then immediately primed the tubing, that all of the R would be
> in the tubing and it wouldn't get mixed with the H at all. Is this silly?
> Or do I need to do "something"? Would it be better to put in the R first?
> (I was going to try 30 units R and 120 units H.)
> Also, I don't expect the mixture to effect my boluses much, but did anyone
> have to change their basal rates? If so, how (timing, amount)? I don't
> expect the amount to change, but was wondering about the timing for when
> the basal rate changes from day to night and back.

Lily did not need to change timing of basal rates. Timing of boluses 
changed a little. She stopped doing long square boluses since the 
tail of the regular comes in at the end with a bang. She does 1/2 
with meal (and grazing items) 1/2 at end of meal, usually 1/2 to 3/4 
hour later (except for pizza). This seems to give very little 
post-prandial rise in bg.  I think this probably varies a lot for 
each individual.

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