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Re: [IP] Donna's basals

On 22 Mar 98 at 23:03, Michael wrote:

> I can't argue with what works. But I believe you are compensating for 
> changes in basal requirements by adusting your ratios through the 
> day. There is a mathmatical relationship between your bg/insulin 
> bg/carbo carbo/insulin ratios that is invarient over the short term. 
> A variable carb/insulin ratio viloates basic math principals. I 
> suspect that a profile of your fasting basal requirements would show 
> some variance from your current rates.  These differences may not be 
> at all related to time of day, more related to activity levels, good 
> nights sleep, etc.. I have seen similar changes in Lily and they can 
> be isolated a measured, albiet with some difficulty.

I think the short term is hours though.  I have checked my basal 
rates by fasting and have stable bg through the time period being 
checked.  In order to have decent 2 hour post-meal bg though my 
morning ratios per unit of insulin are as follows:  breakfast - 
before 11:00 am. - 5.5 g, lunch - before 4:30 p.m. 12 g, between 4:30 
and 8:00 - 10 g, after 8:00 15 g.   We've done all kinds of measuring 
and checking and still come up with these types of ratios.  I also 
have to run seven basal rates too.  It seems that in the early 
morning I'm not as sensitive to the insulin and that improves as the 
day goes on.   A variable carb/insulin ratio may violate basic math 
principles but it doesn't violate basic physiology.  Maybe the doctor 
who thought you only needed one basal rate was using those same math 
principals too...

Randall Winchester

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