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[IP] Re: Report

Just got latest results of last Wednesday's blood work for all of my friends
that were so kind as to write during my recent absence. I love all of you.
For the rest of you who find my southern humor and views irritating, I love
you too just have not had enough time witty you yet so here I am back to try
again. Quitter's never win and Winner's never quit and I'm here to tell you.
    I have torn my cornea again and I would not wish this on anybody. It is
getting to be far too often. The doctor wants to scrape all of the scar
tissue off the cornea and then patch it for as long as it may take and let
it heal! Sounds like a rough trip to me!!! Want to get a second opinion and
any wise cracks are welcome too Sara as I have missed you all.
    I had an hbA1c run last Wednesday and the result are as follows, hbA1c
was 5.7 and the glycated was 6.7. Before pump the A1c's  were 7.5 - 8.5,
before this one was 6.8 now we have achieved 5.7.
    Thanks again to all of you who were concerned while I was licking my
wounds and trying to learn how to keep my mouth shut but as we all know "You
can't teach an old dog new tricks!"

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted

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