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     On Thu, 19 Mar 1998 "Nita" <email @ redacted> wrote 
     > Hello all.  I am a newbie to this list and looking for some 
     > information.  My daughter is 6 and has been diabetic since she was 9 
     > months old.  She wants to get a pump and I think it is great.  
     I was diagnosed as diabetic at 25 months so some of the 
     in-school/at-play things I could help you with possibly.  I don't know 
     about getting a pump then because in '61 they didn't even have enough 
     of an incling as to what would be to tell us NOT to get one!
     I think the Minimed is far easier for a person to operate but that's 
     my opinion.  My best advise is to meet other pump users (hopefully 
     close to her age but any age better than none) and let them 'hand 
     hold' her through it -> training from another pumper in terms of 
     putting in catheters and just daily or weekly 'support' seems to be 
     important to many if not all.
     ALSO: Let her online!!  I'm certain she can 'hold her own' in 
     coversations and we can (probably) (with reminders) respond OK (I've 
     currently got a three, six and twelve year old and many others of us 
     as well have young kids).
     Yerachmiel Altman

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