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[IP] Donna's basals

I beg to differ with Michael's response to Donna:

>  >My schedule of insulin is as follows:
>  > breakfast 1:16  lunch 1:14   dinner 1:19. 

>  Sounds like your basal rates needs adjusting.
>  your ratio is constant, a part of your current physiology.

YMMV, IMHO, JTCMA (Just To Cover My Ass)

My ratios ALSO change during the day.  They are about the same as Donna's - I
have a much faster and more effective reaction to insulin later in the evening
than I do during the am and early afternoon.  If I am high, it takes different
amounts of insulin at different times of the day to bring me down.  If I  eat
a bagel for breakfast, I need a different amount of insulin than if I eat it
for dinner.  

PERSONALLY, I wouldn't change a thing, if her A1cs are so good and she feels
good enough to work out 4 times a week and feels up to having a baby - GO

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