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Dear Rita:

In my Experience blah blah blah
JUST CMA (covering my ass) in case anyone gets their knickers in a twist)

I my experience with 3 different retina specialists, (all the best in the 3
different cities I have lived in during my laser treatments), they ALL
concurred that anything that bangs the head, like running, rollerblading,
aerobics, is NOT good immediately post laser for several weeks to a couple of
months.  If it has been a WHILE since the laser, they don't seem to have a
problem with any of my various activities.  Immediately post laser, they say
no bending or lifting more than 10 pounds, but that light activity is
OK...including "marital relations." 

I don't know about anyone else, but I don't want my marital activities to be
something light enough to be allowed post laser.  Guess I better not get
married, cuz single-life "relations" usually involve bending and lifting more
than 10 pounds!!!  And sometimes there is even a little head-banging going on,
if you know what I mean <wink wink>

To prevent the eyes from getting worse???  Who knows.  Since going on the
pump, my A1cs have improved, my control has DRASTICALLY improved, my awareness
and knowledge has increased, but I STILL have problems with my eyes.  For some
people the problems DON'T go away.  Julie Sears - pipe in here - you had laser
long ago and seem to be doing ok now, right???

*-)=8 xoxx
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