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Re: [IP] Volume of silhouette canula


I'm confused too!  Like you, I had always used .4 or .5 to fill the canula,
but with such strong empirical evidence staring me in the face this morning, I
decided to see what would happen if I bolused 1.0 to fill. 

I'm using Velosulin.  An hour after my filling bolus, my BS was 96, then a
half hour later, it was  65.  I ate saltines and decided that I won't be using
1.0 to fill the canula anymore.  I'll go back to .5.  But, it really did take
1.0 unit to fill up in my experiment.

I guess this is a prime example of YMMV!


> O.K. now I'm confused ;-|
>  I have always used a .5 unit bolus to fill the cannula when changing the
>  PureLine Comforts and the Disetronic Tenders (we have all been saying right
>  along that these sets are all identical). There are times I have checked
>  this, like MJ did and insulin began to drip after .5 units were
>  The instruction sheet(s) which I have for the Tenders and the Comfort sets
>  both indicate that a .5 unit bolus should be administered to fill the 
> cannula.
>  Is the Silhouette using a different diameter cannula, hence the requirement
>  for more insulin to "prime" the cannula?
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