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Re: [IP] No delivery too

> Not once or twice but 5-6 times.  His pump was sent in for servicing and even
> his loaner pump was alarming and erroring frequently.  For the first 6 months
> no problems, but lately....  The cause is being attributed to static
> electricity.  We live in Northern Upper Michigan and have been experiencing
> dry cold weather lately.  Is anyone else experiencing these kind of problems??

Try keeping the pump in it's leather case. Moisturize the case with 
some leather conditioner (for shoes) once in a while, this should 
help protect the pump from static discharge. Try not to wear pure 
synthetic fibers or wool clothing that can rub against the pump and 
it's tubing. Rubber or synthetic soled shoes can contribute to the 
problem.  If you walk across carpet, touch something with your 
fingers first to discharge static before touching the pump.  

This is a problem when it is very cold and the air is heated. 
i.e. verrrryyyyy low humidity.  When the humidity rises the problem 
should to away.  In your home, you might purchase a humidifier and 
run it during the winter, this will help also. 


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