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Re: [IP] where's buddy?

I'm definately a member of the "I miss Buddy club", although I have and will
continue to correspond personally with him.  I have been chastised by him
too, and no, I didn't think it was deserved -- so I had the wherewithall to
correspond directly with him rather than tying up the list.  While the
"rules" that seem to occupy a lot of time, space and energy at Lehigh are
probably unnecessary, a bit of old fashioned common sense would seem to be
well placed.  If something or someone is really irritating -- talk to the
originator instead of crying to the world, it will clear the air much more
quickly, or at least give you warning to delete that individual's posts in
the future.  We can all contribute something different to Insulin-Pumpers,
but only if we can maintain a certain level of tolerance.   Descending from
my soap box now.
dx '71. MM507 1/98 Humalog
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Date: March 21, 1998 10:17 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] where's buddy?

>Nah, wooden dude..
>Buddy is eminently topical.
>Pinocchio wrote:
>> Has anyone seen or heard from Buddy lately?  Did Rosie bump him off,
>> or are they on a little anniversary jaunt to somewhere romantic?
>> Sorry Forrest, I know this is "off topic."
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